Foundation News

Message from the Chairman of the Board

  • By: Francis S. Branin

The Foundation office is beginning to return to “normal.” The Clinic is open and seeing patients, serving the Island as we recover from Hurricane Ian which devastated Boca Grande on September 28th. Our doctors are on duty 24/7, prepared to provide primary healthcare and emergency treatment to clinic patients and the Island community.

From a Grateful Patient

  • By: Robert Levine

Since I moved to Boca Grande in January 2018, I hope to never have to move again, and one of the major reasons (if not the most salient) is the Boca Grande Health Clinic. Even considering relocating seems out of the question, particularly as I, my friends and acquaintances, deal with the aging process.

75th Annual Flag Raising Ceremony

  • By: Cannon Wenzel

The 75th Anniversary flag raising ceremony held in March 2022 was an opportunity to pay tribute to the legacy of healthcare on the island. We honored those who have come together over the years to support the Clinic and recognized the important work of today’s Clinic team.

Notes from the Field

The Clinic Staff, including Dr. Raymond James, Natalie Cole, Kelsey Chavarria and Dana Pellant, reflects on a year like no other.

Major Foundation Donors Enjoy Healthnetwork

  • By: Cannon Wenzel

What if you or a loved one suddenly needed access to the nation’s very best doctors? Could you make one call to Healthnetwork’s compassionate medical coordinator and receive immediate access to the most prestigious medical institutions across the U.S.? There are over 300 families on Gasparilla Island who can. It’s our valuable gift of thanks […]

Message From the Chairman of the Board

  • By: Francis S. Branin

I am happy to report that the Foundation is well-positioned to fulfill our mission of supporting the Boca Grande Health Clinic, our incredible community resource dedicated to providing high-quality, compassionate healthcare to the island.