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What if you or a loved one suddenly needed access to the nation’s very best doctors?

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Could you make one call to Healthnetwork’s compassionate medical coordinator and receive immediate access to the most prestigious medical institutions across the U.S.?

There are over 300 families on Gasparilla Island who can. It’s our valuable gift of thanks to those who give or pledge $25,000 or more to Boca Grande Health Clinic Foundation.

In addition to ensuring the Boca Grande Health Clinic continues to provide health care services to the residents of Boca Grande, major supporters of the Boca Grande Health Clinic Foundation get a Healthnetwork membership. Healthnetwork’s strong relationships with physicians, liaisons and the leaders at the best medical centers enable them to provide their members with access to great medical care.

When you or a loved one has a major or complex health issue, calling Healthnetwork is the best decision you’ll ever make. Take it from Boca Grande residents and Healthnetwork members, Carol & Lawrence Dooge:

In January of 2021, Carol Dooge began experiencing a burning sensation on her tongue and an accumulation of sores in her mouth. The mysterious pain was frustrating and causing her to lose weight. Various doctors (and even a dentist) had suggested that she had Burning Mouth Syndrome, but there was a chance it could be an auto-immune disease, such as Sjogren’s Syndrome. After a biopsy and an inconclusive test result, Carol called Healthnetwork to reach a wider audience of experts. Carol spoke with Jennifer, a Healthnetwork Medical Coordinator, who offered an opportunity to consult with physicians at Tampa General Hospital.

“At Tampa General, I saw a Rheumatologist and an Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist. Everyone there was so helpful and concerned. Another biopsy was done by the ENT specialist, and they later reported that the results did not definitively indicate Sjogren’s Syndrome,” added Carol gratefully.

Throughout all Carol’s appointments, Jennifer followed up with her to ensure she was getting the care and answers she needed. I really appreciate the effort that the Boca Grande Clinic team, Jennifer from Healthnetwork and the different specialists at Tampa General put into my care. It really made a difference to me.” Carol said.

Laurie also recalled a few times they had reached out to Healthnetwork for various family members who were able to receive care at different hospitals across the country. One serious health issue involved his daughter Janet. She had a routine colonoscopy and the subsequent polyp removal led to a dire infection. Janet ended up in her local hospital’s ICU in an induced coma. In all she was hospitalized for 50 days and had undergone five surgeries. Over the next 10 months she continued to have significant medical issues. “It was then that we got Healthnetwork involved. One of your coordinators quickly arranged for Janet to see physicians at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. We all were impressed by the experts she met there. She had another surgery and the care she received there put her well on her way to recovery and regaining her life.”

Laurie and Carol have nine children and 23 grandchildren in Michigan, Colorado and California. They take comfort in knowing that should something happen to any one in their family – Healthnetwork is ready and able to step in with resources. Laurie shares “I believe in the good that you do and will continue to support Healthnetwork and the Boca Grande Health Clinic. Both of you have proven to be an important contributor to the health of our family!”

Are You In Healthnetwork?

If you’d like additional information or if you are interested in giving to the Boca Grande Health Clinic Foundation at this level and taking advantage of all Healthnetwork has to offer, please contact Cannon at the Foundation office. (941) 964-0099

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