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70-year Legacy
of Health Care Excellence

Opening its doors in 1947, the Boca Grande Health Clinic was organized by members of the community. These visionary residents created it to provide convenient, high-quality, personalized health care to island residents and guests. Of course, the need for these services is even greater today.

Thus, the Clinic’s story began with generous community support. Over the decades, many individuals have contributed their time and resources to ensure that the Clinic was, and remains, a reality for the community. In return, the Clinic has supported the community’s well-being as the only primary health care provider on the island.



The Boca Grande Health Clinic continues to thrive and contribute to the community’s wellbeing thanks to the generous support of the Boca Grande Health Clinic Foundation. As a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation, the Foundation serves as a lifeline to the Clinic, ensuring that a high standard of health care services is conveniently available on the island. Now, you can be part of protecting and building upon this legacy to create even greater health care opportunities for current and future generations.


A Message from
Our Chairman

Francis S. Branin, Chairman of the Board

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Foundation Trustee

Francis S. Branin, Chairman | James D. Murphy, Vice Chairman | Charles S. Morrison, Treasurer & Vice Chairman |
| William J. LaPoint, Assistant Treasurer | Cannon J. Wenzel, Secretary

Ann S. Aikens | Robert A. Baer | Daniel H. Bayly | Marcus C. Bennett | John M. Bissell | Francis S. Branin | Christine D. Brown | J. Thomas Burcham | Bruce A. Carbonari | Patricia L. Chapman | James B. Cowperthwait | Michael F. Dacey | Margaret H. Duckworth | John A. Edwardson | William S. Farish | William S. Farish, Jr. | John J. Fisher | Robert K. Fletcher | Robert R. Frederick | Robert M. Freeman | David A. Galliher | Williamson H. Ghriskey | Judd A. Gregg | Leonard Gruenberg, Jr. | Robert M. Hall | Nancy G. Hayden | Sandy K. Hemm | Joan L. Hillenbrand | John A. Hillenbrand | Roger L. Howe | Mary L. Howell | John S. Jackoboice | Sheila C. Labrecque | William J. LaPoint | John S. Lillard | James E. Martin | Nancy R. Martin | Diane M. Mayer | Gerald M. Miller | Charles S. Morrison | Hebe S. Murphy | James D. Murphy | John M. Murphy | Peter M. Nicholas | Roy H. Park, Jr. | James A. Runde | Peter M. Sieglaff | Elsa A. Soderberg | Jeanie B. Stevenson | Susan W. Tinsley | William D. Tompkins | Hope van Beuren | Mary Ann Van Lokeren | John R. Walter | Marjorie H. Webb | Jay N. Whipple

Executive Committee

Dan Bayly | Skip Branin | Mark Driscoll (Clinic C.E.O.) | Will Farish | Robert Freeman | Judd Gregg | Nancy Hayden | Mary Howell | Bill LaPoint | Charlie Morrison | Jim Murphy | John Murphy | Pete Nicholas | Jim Runde | Mary Ann Van Lokeren (Clinic Board)

Investment Committee

Jim Murphy, Chair | Skip Branin | William Farish | Bob Freeman | Charlie Morrison

Audit Committee

Jim Runde, Chair | Bill LaPoint | Gerry Miller


Meet Our Team

Small but mighty, this passionate team ensures the Boca Grande Health Clinic gets the support it deserves.
Our Foundation team is always available to help supporters on Boca Grande with opportunities to engage in this important cause.

Cannon Wenzel, Executive Director

Cannon Wenzel
Executive Director

Yuliy Executive Assistant

Yuliy Fedoryshyn
Executive Assistant